English Visitors

We’re OPEN!

Our operators are enthusiastic volunteers (often fanatic escapers themselves), so we plan the appointment in consultation with you and our volunteers.

Many times are possible in consultation. So just let us know when you want to escape!


Our  escaperoom is available in Dutch as well as in English! Basic understanding of English is enough to enjoy your escaperoom. Price is €100 á group

Once you enter the Spooky Submarine, you have 60 minutes to find out what happened with Lola and her love, and escape with your team (2-6 persons).

We welcome you at our townhouse, where you can leave your phones and keys in a locker, and we take you to the escaperoom nearby. Afterwards, you can hang out in the pub of our townhouse. If you want to know more about the possibilities for bigger groups (restaurant, tea house, etc), please contact us. We’ll be happy to make arrangements for you. 

Best you can contact us by WhatsApp +31 (0)6-27027827 or e-mail: code@townshipescape.nl and we will reply